Case Study: United States Air Force

Customer: United States Air Force
PFS Customer Since 2004
Application: C-300 Refueling Trucks / Bio Diesel
PFS Model 6275 w/ 3914 elements
Number of systems installed: 3
Environment: Hot summers & cold winters

The U.S. Air Force came to Perfect Filtration Systems, Inc with a major problem. They had 800 gallons of contaminated bio-diesel fuel, the Government testing laboratory told the Scott Air Force Base fuel specialists to dispose of the fuel and purchase new. Steve Stroot who has over 35 years experience in fuel services for the Air Force decided to look for a solution to the problem instead of disposing of it.

They tried to filter the fuel through a competitors system on base; there was virtually no improvement in the quality of the fuel. So, Steve found our distributor CMI through the Internet, CMI of Jacksonville, FL said the Ultimate Fuel / Water Separator would remove 99.9% of the water and the majority of the solids. The U.S. Air Force commanders wanted the systems to be capable of filtering 80 GPM of fuel and fit into an existing compartment on their C-300 Refueling trucks. PFS worked closely with their manufacturer to engineer and design a system to fit in the compartment, maximize fluid cleanliness, and maximize filter life. The custom made Ultimate Model 6275 Fuel / Water Separator was designed specifically for these requirements. They purchased three initial systems for they’re C-300 refueling trucks.

TEST RESULTS: One system was hooked up to the tanker that had the contaminated fuel in it. The bio-diesel was filtered through the Model 6275 and a sample of the filtered fuel was sent to the government lab. When the results came back from the lab Steve could not believe the results so more samples were drawn and sent back to the lab.

Every sample sent to the lab after filtration passed the water test as well as the solid particulate test. The bio-diesel was used to fuel equipment and machinery on base with no problems. They have installed the other two systems and invited PFS and CMI to Scott Air Force base to look at some other applications.

The meeting was a success, they are planning on purchasing another Model 6275 for a fuel truck, (8)- Model 1075’s for the fuel island, and a Model 2075 for another bulk storage tank. Steve will also be sharing his experience with other bases around the United States to insure our troops have clean dry fuel all the time.

“Great Product!” Steve Stroot, Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, IL.

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