Top 20 Major Benefits & Why We Are Different

  1. Made in the USA
  2. 10 year warranty on housings. Best in the industry!
  3. Life time warranty of filter elements
  4. Family owned and operated business
  5. Quick, friendly customer service
  6. Flexible payment terms
  7. Variety of payment methods
  8. All housings are industrial, heavy duty quality with bolt down covers
  9. Stainless steel internal wetted parts
  10. Housings available in stainless steel or black powder coated
  11. Use cellulose depth-type filters in a variety of micron ratings
  12. Filters have a very large water and solid particulate holding capacities
  13. Long filter life
  14. Much more efficient filter compared to conventional pleated paper filters
  15. Depth filtration is known to be the most efficient filter technique
  16. Cost effective product
  17. Quick return on your investment
  18. Greatly extends the life of fluids
  19. Environmentally friendly product
  20. Greatly reduces downtime and extends the life of your equipment and machinery

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