Fuel / Water Separator Testimonials

Perfect Filtration works hard to find the right solution for our customers. Solving your fuel filtration problems and saving you money is what we do. See below for testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

Tired of water, downtime, and changing the OEM fuel filters so often:

We are a large service company for the power and phosphate industry and have very expensive vacuum trucks, stainless steel hydraulic pumps, and (high pressure) pressure washers. We cannot afford downtime for things that we can prevent from happening and we really care about our equipment and our preventative maintenance program. PFS introduced their products and told us if we install their 285V “Ultimate” Fuel / Water Separators on our equipment, they will remove 99.9% of the water as well as solids as small as 1 micron including: dirt, bacteria, algae, silt, soot, and varnishes. They also said with their on-board primary fuel filter installed, our OEM fuel filters should last up to a year without replacing and we should only have to change their filter element every 1,800 to 2,000 hours or every 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

RESULTS: We were carrying extra OEM fuel filters in the cab of the vehicles and changing them weekly. We were getting water in the fuel tanks because of the rain and temperature changes. Now, with the Ultimate Fuel / Water Separators installed we have 100% protection against water and other solids in the fuel. Our OEM fuel filters are lasting a year without replacing.

We received a quick return on our investment and have the piece of mind that our expensive equipment is protected 100% the time. We also installed the PFS systems on our engine oils and bulk storage fuel tanks.

Tired of fuel injector repairs and replacing OEM fuel filters so often:

We are a large construction company in Florida and have hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment. We were looking for ways to reduce costly fuel injector system repairs and reduce the number of service calls related to dirty fuel.

RESULTS: Since installing some fuel systems on our bulk storage fuel tanks, we have experienced fewer service calls related to dirty fuel and longer OEM filter life. We have 10 systems on our: off–road diesel, on-road diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel tanks. We have additional systems on bulk storage engine oils, bulk storage hydraulic oil, and air pre-cleaners.

Greatly reduced costly downtime:

We are a large construction company who operates hundreds

of pieces of equipment and machine up-time is vital to our success. We started to experience power loss and premature filter clogging on the newer Tier 2 and Tier 3 engines. We decided to install a PFS Ultimate Fuel / Water Separator to see if it would help the problem.

RESULTS: Our power loss, downtime, and premature filter clogging problems have completely disappeared. We are meeting normal service intervals and expect our OEM filters to last a year and expect longer injector life. “ We believe this fuel filter should be a standard on all Tier 3 and Tier 4 engines”.

Komatsu Dealer:

We are a heavy equipment dealer who is always looking for products that will reduce our customers maintenance costs and decrease machine downtime. After talking to our existing customers who were using the PFS Ultimate systems we decided to become a distributor and market their high quality filtration products. We understand the need for ultra clean fuel and lubricating fluids in the newer equipment.

Specifically, the newer Tier 2 and Tier 3 engines require ultra clean fuel and the Ultimate Fuel / Water Separator has solved the problem for many of our customers with bulk storage fuel and on the engines. We recommend these products to our clients because of the added value.

PFS filters contaminated fuel for the U.S. Military:

The U.S. Military had a contaminated fuel tanker load of JP4 fuel for the Tomahawk cruise missiles. The contamination levels were 3.25 milligrams per liter before PFS was called in to filter the tanker. After the fuel was filtered through the Ultimate depth-type fuel filter system, the contamination level dropped down to less than 1 milligram per liter of solid particles. The new filtered fuel cleanliness level met and exceeded their requirement so the fuel was released and used to fuel the cruise missiles. PFS saved the Military thousands of dollars and valuable time.

Government Contractor

Bio-diesel filtration for the U.S. Air Force:

The U.S. Air Force had some bio-diesel fuel that was full of water and solid contamination, they were looking for a filter system to remove these contaminates. After installing an Ultimate Model 6275 Fuel / Water Separator on their C-300 refueling truck, they filtered the contaminated fuel through the filtration system.

Fuel analysis samples were drawn and sent off to the Military lab. The first results were so impressive the technical personnel could not believe it so another sample was taken and the same terrific results came back from the lab. Virtually all the water was removed from the bio-diesel fuel and the particulate levels were many times cleaner than brand new fuel. The Military has since purchased more systems for their fueling trucks, bulk storage fueling stations, and are recommending the ultimate products to other base locations.

Scott Air Force Base

Ultimate systems installed on multi-million dollar blue water yachts:

Cape Horn Trawler Corporation was looking for a high quality fuel filtration system to filter the fuel as it comes on board as well as filter the fuel as it gets transfered from tank to tank. PFS designed a stainless steel system with 1 micron filters to meet this OEM yacht builders requirements. All of the mega yachts that are manufactured by Cape Horn are equipped with four of the Ultimate Fuel / Water Separators. These yachts travel large distances in high seas. It is vital to have ultra clean dry fuel 100% of the time so the owners do not experience any contaminated fuel-related problems while they are on their voyages.


Cape Horn Trawler

No more water, bacteria, and algae problems:

We are a large company with thousands of pieces of equipment and machine dependability is crucial. We have used PFS products for several years and have decided to outfit all of our fuel service trucks with Ultimate Fuel / Water Separators to ensure ultra clean water free fuel every time we fuel up a piece of equipment. This decision will pay for itself by increasing uptime, fewer service calls, longer OEM filter life, better engine performance, and longer engine life.

Value added product for OEM’s:

We are a large OEM distributor for power generation, and heavy equipment. We were looking for a fuel filtration product to offer to our customers to ensure that their fuel was free of contaminates when they needed it most. PFS gave us a unit to test and the results were fantastic. The fuel cleanliness met and exceeded our expectations. We use the Ultimate portables to filter bulk storage fuel; we install stationary systems on existing power generator’s tanks and engines, and we also specify the Ultimate Fuel / Water Separators on brand new power generation at the factory. PFS sends the units to the factory where they are packaged with the generators and installed with the new generator.. We like the systems because of the fuel cleanliness, long filter life, and it adds value for our customers.


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