Case Study: Cement Company

Customer: Cement Company
PFS Customer Since 2001
Application: Fuel and Compressor Oil
PFS Model 1075 w/ 3914 and 156HP
Number of systems installed: 7
Environment: Florida Heat & humidity

We are large Cement Importer in Florida and were having a water, bacteria, and algae problem in our diesel fuel. We had a 500 gallon tank of contaminated diesel fuel and were looking for ways to reclaim the fuel instead of disposing of it and purchasing new. Estimated cost of $1,450.00.

PFS came to us with a solution, a Model 1075 was installed to clean the fuel. After multiple passes through the filter system the fuel went from gray emulsified fuel to ultra clean clear fuel. We mixed the fuel with some clean fuel and were able to use the fuel instead of disposing of it.

Compressor Oils: We have also installed six by-pass compressor oil filtration systems from PFS.
Prior to installation average ISO cleanliness ISO 24/21.
ISO target cleanliness 18/14 or cleaner.

After 200 hours of filtration Unit #3 ISO 17/14. We test the fluid once a year per machine and the fluid ISO cleanliness levels are as follows: Unit #1: 19/13, 18/14, 15/12. Unit #2: 19/13, 18/13, 15/12. Unit #3: 17/14, 15/11, 18/12,18/14,15/12. Unit #4: 18/12, 18/14, 15/12.

We have not had near the compressor oil or fuel injector system problems since we started using PFS products. We have saved thousands of dollars.

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