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The 3-micron depth-type filter element is designed to trap the solid contaminates and absorb the moisture as the tank and/or reservoir breathe. Can be used on fuels, hydraulics, gear oils, turbine oils, and many more!

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Features & Benefits

  • Removes water
  • Removes the majority of the solids
  • 3-micron depth-type filter element
  • Can be used on most tanks up to 5,000 gallons
  • Long depth-type filter life
  • Easy installation and filter servicing
  • Patented proven product 5271850
  • Greatly reduces oil and fuel contamination levels
  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Less downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • Replace the filter every 4-6 months depending upon the water contamination and particulate levels.

Each 3-micron depth-type filter element will hold up to 1 lb. of solids and/or absorb up to 1/2 qt. of water. Start using state of the art filter technology today.

How do the vent filters work?

As the tank and/or reservoir breathes the 3-micron cellulose depth-type filter
traps the airborne solid contaminates and absorbs the moisture on a continuous
basis resulting in cleaner drier fluids.Just replace the filter element once a year
and enjoy cleaner fluids.

Who is using your vent filters?

Our vent filters are used across many different industries from pulp and paper
mills on gear boxes and hydraulics to construction companies diesel fuel tanks
to concrete manufacturing plants on hydraulic tanks.Where ever airborne
contamination levels are high and the fluid needs to be ultra clean and water
free. There are many places in these types of systems for fluid contamination to
occur but you can at least eliminate a major source with a high quality vent


Model Number Filter Element Micron Rating Water Capacity
BV605 (1″ FPT) 7130 3-Micron 1/2 qt.

If a large volume of fluid is being returned back into the tank, an additional filter may be required.

Removes water and solids at a major contamination source. Expect cleaner drier fluids.

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