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Installed on the Diesel Engine

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On-board Primary Fuel Filter

The Ultimate Fuel / Water Separators are installed on the suction side of the existing fuel pump and become the primary fuel filter in the fuel system.

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Ultimate Fuel / Water Separator

These systems are designed to be the primary fuel filter. They are installed on the suction side of the diesel engines fuel pump. The centrifugal 3-micron systems will remove free and emulsified water as well as the majority of solid contaminates including: dirt, metal, asphaltenes, bacteria, algae, microbes, silt, soot, sludge, carbon by products, and other solids. The systems uses both centrifugal force and absorption to remove the water and solids from the fuel. The fuel enters the housing and hits a stainless steel baffle which causes the fuel to spin around and around (Centrifugal force); the free water and heavier solids settle to the bottom of the housing to be drained off. A sight glass in provided to help view the presence of water and contaminates in the settling area. The fuel continues through the holes in the baffle and is filtered through a 3-micron depth-type filter. After filtration ultra clean water free fuel exits the housing and flows to the fuel pump and then to the engine. You can expect longer OEM filter life, longer injector life, longer engine life, higher engine performance, fewer emissions, and often times better fuel economy.

Model 275V Filter #7130 (2-4 cylinder engines)
Model 285V Filter #7134 (6-8 cylinder engines)
Model 290V Filter #7434 (12-16 cylinder engines)


Specifications 275V 285V 285H 290V
Centrifugal Water Separation Yes Yes No Yes
Suction Side Installation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max. Flow Rate / Engine Sizing 1.5 gpm / 4 cylinder 2.5 gpm / 6-8 cylinder 2.5 gpm / 6-8 cylinder 6 gpm / 12-16 cylinder
Dimensions W x H x D 9″ x 20″ x 10″ 9″ x 24″ x 10″ 9″ x 24″ x 10″ 11″ x 24″ x 12 1/2″
Dry Weight w/ Filters 30 lbs. 35 lbs. 35 lbs. 55 lbs.
Inlet & Outlet 1/2″ FNPT 1/2″ FNPT 1/2″ FNPT 3/4″ FNPT
Gauge, Sight Glasses, & Water Drain Valve Included Included Included Included
Filter Part #  #7130  #7134  #7134  #7434
Viton Cover O-ring #0348 #0348 #0348 #0348
Filter Micron Rating 3-Micron 3-Micron 3-Micron 3-Micron
Filter Performance per ISO 16889 B3<(c)=1000 B3<(c)=1000 B3<(c)=1000 B3<(c)=1000
Filter Solid Holding Capacity 8-10 lbs each filter 8-10 lbs each filter 8-10 lbs each filter 8-10 lbs each filter
Filter Water Holding Capacity 1 gallon each filter 1 gallon each filter 1 gallon each filter 1 gallon each filter
Water Removal Efficiency 99.90% 99.90% 99.90% 99.90%

Wound Cellulose Depth-Type Filter Media

Depth-type filtration is known to be the most efficient filtering technique. Great product for fuel cleanliness and price value.


  • Axial flow between layers of media
  • Creped cellulose with interlocking layers to remove solids efficiently
  • High efficiency filtration with low micron levels (<1 micron)
  • Performance to B<3(c)=1000 (Per ISO16889)
  • Micron rating 1-3 micron is size
  • Very high solid holding capacity
  • Removes bacteria, algae, microbes, dirt, rust, and other solids
  • Can achieve very low ISO cleanliness levels
  • High water holding capacity
  • Will absorb free and emulsified water
  • Can maintain water levels to below 50ppm
  • Water efficiency 99.90%
  • Inexpensive high quality product
  • Long filter life: will last many times longer than conventional pleated paper filters
  • Most conventional filters will not remove water

Used Fuel Filters

Used dirty fuel filters full of dirt, bacteria, algae, water, microbes, and other solid contaminates


What you can expect after installing the productUltra clean water free fuel

  • Fewer service calls related to dirty fuel
  • Longer OEM filter life
  • Longer injector life
  • Longer fuel pump life
  • Longer engine life
  • Less down time
  • Long Depth-type filter life
  • 30,000 + miles of filtered fuel in between depth-type filter changes
  • Great ISO Fuel cleanliness levels
  • Quick return on your investment
  • Often times better fuel economy
  • Higher engine performance
  • Environmental friendly product
  • Low maintenance product
  • Fewer fuel additives

10 year product warranty. Best in the industry.

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