Leo Stutzman, founder of Perfect Filtration Systems. Over 50 years experience in the business.

Perfect Filtration

Perfect Filtration Systems is home to the ULTIMATE filtration brand. All of our industrial quality systems use a heavy duty housing with bolt down covers and cellulose depth-type filter elements to remove water and solid contaminants. We can filter diesel fuels, bio-diesel fuels, hydraulic oils, transformer oils, turbine oils, gear oils, engine oils, compressor oils, coolants, and other lubricating fluids. We also offer air filtration. Our systems will lower maintenance costs, increase productivity, greatly reduce component wear, extend oil and machine life.

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    "Fuel analysis samples were drawn and sent off to the Military lab. The first results were so impressive the technical personnel could not believe it so another sample was taken and the same terrific results came back from the lab."

    Scott Air Force Base
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