Case Study: Construction Equipment Attachment Manufacturer

Customer: Construction equipment attachment manufacturer
PFS Customer Since 2001
Application: Hydraulic steel presses
Hydraulic Sump Capacity: 80-100 gallons
PFS Model U-500H w/ 7332 element
Number of systems installed: 3
Environment: Indoor manufacturing facility

We are a heavy equipment attachment manufacturer in Florida. We make grapples, forks, rakes, buckets, and shears for the construction and scrap industry. Uptime and lower maintenance costs for our hydraulic presses and plate rolls are a vital to our manufacturing operation. We were changing hydraulic oil in our 3 presses every six months and replacing a hydraulic pump and a servo valve every year. ISO Cleanliness 21/17 prior to installation. (ISO 16/13 Cleanliness target, higher pressure system).

We installed 3 systems on each of hydraulic presses in June 2001. After 200 hours of filtration the fluid was many times cleaner than brand new hydraulic fluid and our systems were running several degrees cooler. After six months of filtration we took another fluid analysis and changed the PFS filter and the fluid analysis showed the fluid was still many times cleaner than brand new fluid. We continue to change the PFS filters every six months and enjoy ultra clean fluid 100% of the time. Note: We have not changed oil and/or replaced a pump of valve since installing the PFS systems. ISO Cleanliness 16/13 after 200 hours of filtration.

2001 Initial Capital Expenditure                    $2950.00
Annual PFS Filter changes & Fluid analysis   $350.00
Year 1 Customer Savings                               $2,400.00
Total Year 1 expense                                       $900.00

Year 2 PFS Filter changes & Fluid analysis   $350.00
Year 2 Customer Savings                               $2,400.00
Total Year 2 Payback                                     $1,500.00

Year 3 PFS Filter changes & Fluid analysis   $350.00
Year 3 Customer Savings                               $2,400.00
Total Year 3 annual savings                           $1,950.00 (on going annual savings).

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