Case Study: Construction Company

Customer: Construction Company
PFS Customer Since 2001
Application: Refueling Trucks
PFS Model 2075 w/ 3914 elements
Number of systems installed: 2
Environment: Florida heat & humidity

We are a large construction company is Central Florida. We use over a million gallons of diesel fuel per year and the quality of the fuel is extremely important to the up time operation of our heavy construction equipment. We were looking for a filtration system that would keep the water out and the majority of the solid particles out to protect our expensive diesel engines.

PFS had a system that allows you to drain the water off and provide 1-micron filtration. We installed one system on our primary fuel truck. We took a fuel sample prior to installation and a fuel sample after the PFS system was installed the results were remarkable. The fuel coming out of the PFS system was many times cleaner than brand new diesel fuel and water free.

We have seen fewer fuel related problems, longer OEM filter life, and have drained water off several times that would have previously went directly into our equipment. We have purchased a second system for another refueling truck because we believe in the product. Another major benefit is the PFS filters only need to be changed every 4 to 6 months. They have been changed at 230,000 gallons, 258,000 gallons, 295,000 gallons, and 325,000 gallons.

The annual savings is difficult to measure but we are confident the system has more than paid for itself many times over.

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