Case Study: Municipality

Customer: Municipality
PFS Customer Since 1990
Number of Vehicles: 18
Type of Vehicles: Garbage Trucks
Application: On-board Hydraulics
Hydraulic Sump Capacity: 60-100 gallons
PFS Model U-500H with 7332 element
Environment: Hot & humid

Prior to installing the PFS by-pass filtration systems the customer was replacing 5 hydraulic pumps per year at a cost of $800.00 each (expense of $4,000 annually) and on every vehicle they were replacing hydraulic fluid once a year (expense $3,600 annually) and replacing filters twice a year (expense $1,008). Total annual expense for 18 trucks $8,608.00. ISO Operating Cleanliness levels ranged from ISO 20/19/17 to ISO 27/25/23 prior to installation.

The first year PFS installed 18 systems on the garbage trucks at a cost of $975.00 each (total capital expenditure $17,550) plus one PFS element change at $55.00 per vehicle (capital expenditure $990.00). Total first year annual expenditure $18,540.00.

Pump failures in Year 1 reduced to 2 pump failures (Pump Savings $2,400, Fluid & Filter Savings $4,608.00) and in Year 2 there were 0 pump failures (Savings $4,000, Fluid & filter savings $4,608.00). After three months of filtration ISO Cleanliness levels ranged from ISO 18/16/13 to 15/13/10.

Year 2,3, & 4: 0 pump failures, no fluid changes, and one OEM filter change per year & two PFS filter changes.

Initial Capital Expenditure                           +$18,540.00
Year 1 Customer Savings                             – $6,504.00
Year 2,3 & 4 Customer Savings                   – $24,312.00
Year 2-4 PFS & OEM Element Changes   +$4,482.00
Year 4 Payback                                           +$7,794.00

Ongoing annual Savings             $7,114.00
13 Year Total Savings                 $71,820.00

The customer has not replaced a hydraulic pump and/or hydraulic fluid in more than 13 years with the PFS by-pass filtration systems installed. The fluid analysis results show the fluid remains many times cleaner than brand new hydraulic fluid. A product that pays for itself!

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