Case Study: Steel Service Center

Customer: Steel Service Center
PFS Customer Since 2002
Application: Band Saw Water Based Cutting Fluids
Sump Capacity: 500 gallons
PFS Model 2075-10PM with (2)- bag filter housings
Number of systems installed: 15
Environment: Indoor manufacturing facility

We are the largest steel service center in the SE United States. Our facility ships millions of pounds of steel every year and we are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase safety. Our fluid disposal company was coming into our facility once a month to remove 500 gallons of dirty water based cutting fluid at a cost of $1,200 per pick up plus another $250.00 to fill the tank back up with new cutting fluid. We were using the PFS hydraulic filtration systems on 14 of our presses with great success so we decided to try a recirculating system on our cutting fluid.

We installed a Model 2075-10PM with two bag filter housings. The fluid is filtered through two pre-filters down to 5 micron and then through the 1 micron finishing filters. Our initial investment was $4,600.00. We installed the system in January 2002 and have not had our disposal company in since.

2002 Initial Capital Expenditure                     $4,600.00
Annual PFS Filter changes & Fluid analysis   $240.00
Year 1 Customer Savings                               $4,400.00
Total Year 1 expense                                       $440.00

Year 2 PFS Filter changes & Fluid analysis   $240.00
Year 2 Customer Savings                               $4,400.00
Total Year 2 Payback                                     $4,160.00

Ongoing annual Savings                                 $4,160.00

The customer has also installed twelve systems on their hydraulic shears, brakes, iron workers, and bad saws. They have not had a pump and/or valve failure since installing the systems. They change PFS filters twice and year and the fluid remains many times cleaner than brand new fluid. Also installed systems on the bulk storage fuel tank.

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