Case Study: Surgical Instrument Manufacturer

Customer: Surgical Instrument Manufacturer
PFS Customer Since 2001
Application: Hydraulic reservoir filtration
Hydraulic Sump Capacity: 30 to 100 gallons
PFS Portable Model 87DB-8-T with 5 micron bag and (2)- 7534 elements
Environment: Indoor manufacturing facility

One of the worlds largest medical instrument manufacturers. They were looking for ways to reduce their hydraulic fluid disposal fees, fluid purchasing costs, and maintenance expenses.

Prior to partnering with PFS they were spending $25,500 per year on hydraulic fluid for their machining centers in the plant. PFS recommended a fluid analysis program and a portable recirculating filtration system to manage fluid cleanliness levels and reclaim the fluid.

The customer has greatly reduced their fluid purchases and fluid disposal fees since implementing a high quality filtration PM program coupled with a fluid analysis program. The fluid analysis let them know fluid ISO cleanliness levels, wear metal levels, contaminate levels, additive depletion, and physical properties of the fluid. ISO Cleanliness target ISO18/14/12 under 1,000 psi oil system.

These analysis assist them in making important PM decisions like filtration service intervals, determining the source of component wear, how the fluid additive package is holding up, fluid viscosity, presence of water, and others.

2001 Initial Capital Expenditure                     $4,950.00
Annual PFS Filter changes & Fluid analysis   $600.00
Year 1 Customer Savings                               $25,500.00
Total Year 1 Annual Savings                           $19,950.00

Year 2 PFS Filter changes & Fluid analysis   $600.00
Year 2 Customer Savings                               $25,500.00
Total Year 2 Annual Savings                           $24,900.00 (on going annual savings).

They were so happy with our portable systems they have installed many stationary systems to keep machine fluids and oils clean 100% of the time.

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