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Everyone knows when water is present in compressed compressed air systems it leads to the formation of scale, rust and bacteria. These contaminants will shorten the life of your equipment and tools. The ultimate systems will remove water and harmful solid contaminants.

Heavy duty black powder coated housing with bolt down cover and stainless steel internal wetted parts. Pressure gauge to help monitor filter life, water sight glass and water drain are all standard features.

Best housing warranty in the industry. 10 YEARS!

How Do the Systems Work?

The 3-micron system is designed to take out oil, water and remove the majority of the solids. Including: dirt, rust, scale, and other solids. The PFS system is installed at the point of use. The system uses both centrifugal force and absorption to remove the water and solids from the compressed air. The air enters the housing and hits a stainless steel baffle which causes the air to rotate (centrifugal force); the water and heavier solids settle to the bottom of the housing to be drained off. The air continues through the holes in the baffle and is filtered through a 3-micron depth-type filter removing solids below 1-micron in size. After filtration the ultra clean air exits the housing.

Reusable Filter Elements

The cellulose depth-type filters can be reused. Once they become saturated they can be removed and dried out and then placed back into service.

Features and Benefits

  • Two step filtration process: Centrifugal and filter chamber
  • 100% Carbon steel housing with stainless steel internal wetted parts
  • Black powder coated exterior finish
  • Heavy duty housing with bolt down covers
  • Reusable 3-micron depth-type filter media
  • Pressure gauge, water sight glass, and water drain valve all included
  • Can handle pressure up to 150 psi
  • Long depth-type filter life:
  • Expect ultra clean dry air
  • Longer tool life
  • Longer equipment life
  • Removes water oil, and other solid contaminates

Application Photos


Model Dimensions WxHxD Weight Maximum Air Pressure Maximum SCFM Filter # Micron Rating Water Capacity Solids Capacity
185V 9″x24″x10″ 35 lbs. 150 psi 50 7134 3-micron 2 qts. 2-3 lbs.
190V 12″x24″x12″ 55 lbs. 100 psi 50 7434 3-micron 3 qts. 5-7 lbs.

Systems include: Housing, filter, mounting bracket, pressure gauge, water sight glass, and water drain.

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