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Perfect Filtration works hard to find the right solution for our customers. Solving your fuel filtration problems and saving you money is what we do. See below for testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

Filtered Hydraulic fluid for NASA:

Raytheon, a NASA contractor, called PFS to filter 100- fifty-five gallons of new hydraulic fluid at Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center for one of the Missile launch pads main cylinder. The military cleanliness standards we had to meet were an ISO 13/10-cleanliness level. After one pass through the PFS patented 3-micron absolute depth-type filter, we met and exceeded this cleanliness specification. The Government was so happy with the service and the results they called us a few months later to filter the hydraulic fluid off of a Rexroth Tanker prior to putting the fluid in a reservoir.

Raytheon Contracting        

Block Plant Industry:

We have used a PFS Hydraulic system in one of our plants for several years and the performance has been great. We have not had any downtime or failures due to hydraulic fluid contamination, however, some other machines without the system installed were having some problems. So we decided to put a system on every reservoir over 100 gallons in all 18 of our plants throughout the United States. Our oil analysis program has come back with some very impressive results. We are sure these high quality systems will increase production uptime and decrease maintenance costs.

OEM Block Machine Manufacturer Referrals:

We have seen many PFS systems installed on our brand of equipment and our customers tell us the PFS systems enhance the performance and dependability of our products. So when we see a new plant being built or a customer’s machine without a PFS system installed on it we call PFS. We believe if a product is going to help our customer decrease downtime and increase machine dependability, we will recommend the system to others.

Block Plant Industry:

We have been using the Ultimate By-pass Hydraulic Filtration Systems for well over a decade in our Block Plants. We have installed the systems in every block plant in the State of Florida and continue to put them on in other states and locations. As a matter of fact, every time we build a new plant we have PFS install their systems before production even starts. These systems keep the hydraulic fluid ultra clean and water-free which means less downtime, fewer repairs, and more production.

Concrete Pumping Industry:

We operate a large fleet of concrete pumping trucks. These trucks are extremely expensive and repairs are costly. We have installed over 50 hydraulic filtration systems on our fleet and we have experienced very few hydraulic system failures and problems since installing the systems. We are positive these systems have more than paid for themselves in lower maintenance costs and less downtime. Ultra clean water-free hydraulic fluid is the key to successfully operating these expensive, high pressure, tight tolerance, and sophisticated pieces of equipment.

More OEM Referrals:

We kept seeing the Ultimate Hydraulic systems installed on our brand of concrete pumping trucks and our customers told us how happy they were with th e performance of the filter system, so we decided to take a sample of the fluid for analysis. After analysis, the fluid came back many times cleaner than brand new oil. That analysis sold us on the systems quality. We now recommend these systems to our customers who are having hydraulic system problems.

Can Manufacturer Water and Sludge problems:

We are a Can Manufacturing Facility and a division of Anheuser Busch. We were looking for ways to extend the life of our oils and remove the gray aluminum oxide contamination on the inside of our aluminum cans. So we decided to try the system on our Reynolds Bodymaker fluid first.

RESULTS: Within a short period of time, we realized the hydraulic fluid did not have the sludge build up and water contamination that had been prevalent in the past. Continued oil analysis showed the oil was as clean as new. The fluid maintained this cleanliness level, which had never been experienced before, and maintenance records over a period of time showed less component wear, less alignment problems, and less downtime. We attribute the majority of the improved operation to keeping the fluid clean 100% of the time. We have seen the same quality results on our Cupper equipment.

We then tried the system on our Waxer with the intent to remove the gray, dingy color on the inside of the cans. The system totally removed the gray color and kept the aluminum oxide contamination out of the can. These systems really work!

Metal Container Corp.                        

Equipment manufacturer rep. believes in PFS:

We are a large company that services and sells steel fabrication equipment like shears, brakes, plate rolls, burning machines. We started to see the PFS products installed on our equipment at Tampa Bay Steel, Pemberton, Unlimited Welding, and others. These clients have not purchased any replacement parts for their hydraulic systems in several years and have not had any of our service reps out to service the equipment. They believe and we believe it is because the hydraulic fluid is being kept ultra clean because of the PFS systems. We have installed a system on our brake in our showroom and recommend the product to our clients.

Have not changed hydraulic fluid in 13 years:

We are a Scrap Recycling company and are extremely interested in preventative maintenance, and we are always looking for smarter ways to run our business. In1989 we installed a pump and motor hydraulic filtration system on our 3,000-gallon hydraulic reservoir that supplies our shear.

RESULTS: After 13 years the fluid is still “cleaner than brand new fluid” and we have not had the seal leakage problems that we had prior to the use of your filters. Instead of changing the fluid once a year and cleaning the tank, disposing of the fluid, and purchasing new, we are enjoying the cost savings your product provides us.

We now have systems on the hydraulics for our shear, crusher, front-end loader, Baler, forklifts, and cranes. We also use your fuel systems at our diesel fuel tanks, as well as the engine oil, automatic transmissions, and coolant filtration systems.

Great high quality product! Thanks

Installed on our block plants:

We have used the PFS hydraulic filtration products for over ten years in our block plants and the systems have protected our expensive block machines, crawlers, splitters, and other machines against contaminates. We are positive these systems have more thaN paid for themselves in reduced maintenance costs and less downtime. We recommend the product to others.

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