Engine Oil Systems Testimonials

Perfect Filtration works hard to find the right solution for our customers. Solving your fuel filtration problems and saving you money is what we do. See below for testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

Trucks going 60,000 miles in between oil drains:

I am a trucking company owner and have 27 over-the-road trucks. We were changing the oil every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. The salesman asked me to try one of the systems; he guaranteed to reduce my oil drains by at least 50% and out trucks would probably be able to go 60,000 plus miles between oil drains. He recommended oil analysis every 10,000 miles to determine when the oil needed to be changed and to determine the new oil drain service interval.

RESULTS:: By the time I had 50,000 miles on the oil, I did not wait for the test results. I felt that I had to change the oil because it was longer than I would have ever thought possible to use the oil.

We now have the PFS by-pass engine oil filtration systems installed on all 27 trucks and change oil every 60,000 miles and the PFS filter element every 30,000 miles. The systems have paid for themselves many times over and we save thousands of dollars per year. I want to thank you for the honest high quality product!

Protecting their engine against wear 100% of the time:

We are a large industrial waste company that service power plants and phosphate plants. Our vehicles can be on the road for weeks at a time. We installed the PFS by-pass engine oil filtration systems to protect our expensive engines against wear 100% of the time.

RESULTS: We no longer have to worry about missing normal oil drain service intervals or stopping on the road to change the oil because of the added protection the PFS filter system give us. An inexpensive insurance policy that protects our engines against excessive wear. Great product!

CAT loader Changing Oil every 1,000 to 1,2000 hours:

We are a steel mill and were changing oil every 250 hours on a CAT 980C loader.

RESULTS: Now we change oil every 1,000 to 1,200 hours with oil analysis determining the oil drain service interval. The Ultimate by-pass filtration system removes 99.9% of the water as well as the majority of the solids They are able to keep the oil many times cleaner because they are filtering a small percentage of the oil 100% of the time. The system also greatly reduces engine component wear.

Loyal Customer:

We have been using the PFS filtration systems for many years on our equipment and the systems have saved us thousands of dollars per year because of reduced oil drains and fewer engine repairs.

Cement Hauler:

We operate a large fleet of cement haulers around the State of Florida and truck dependability is vital to our success. We use the Ultimate by-pass Engine Oil systems because the systems keep the oil cleaner for longer periods of time and clean oil means less engine wear and longer engine life. They also protect our engines when normal oil drain service intervals are missed.

Protecting against soot:

The newer Tier 2 and Tier 3 engines are recirculating a larger percentage of the combustible gasses because of the tighter EPA standards. These gasses are causing the oil to become dirtier sooner and we have seen soot levels way above normal before the normal oil service interval is due. So we decided to outfit our fleet with the PFS Ultimate By-pass Engine Oil Filtration Systems to protect our engines against high soot levels. We also have protection when the normal oil drain service intervals are pushed out.

Heavy equipment distributor recommends PFS:

We are a large heavy equipment distributor and we have seen the PFS products on our customers equipment for years. We have decided to become a PFS Distributor and promote their products because of the high quality filtration. This is a great value added product for our customers.

Keep on trucking:

We are a delivery company that travels thousands of miles a month and truck dependability is vital to our operation. We installed the PFS systems to protect our engines against wear and protect them when normal oil drain service intervals are missed. We are in the delivery business not the maintenance business.

Construction equipment protection:

We operate construction equipment in severe environments and keeping the engine oil clean is very difficult because of the heat, rain, and dust that our equipment operates in. The PFS by-pass systems give us added engine protection our expensive equipment needs.

Brown Corp.

Sugar Industry:

We have used the PFS systems for over 15 years on our irrigation pumps out in our sugar fields. We have experienced more uptime and fewer engine repairs.

Shrimp boats:

We have used the PFS products for 20 years on our shrimp boats. We need to be sure our engines are running when out at sea and they provide vital protection when we miss oils drain service intervals.

Heavy equipment:

The PFS engine oil filtration systems have extended the life of our equipment and reduced our maintenance expenses. We have them installed on any new equipment we purchase.

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