Portable & Stationary Systems Testimonials

Perfect Filtration works hard to find the right solution for our customers. Solving your fuel filtration problems and saving you money is what we do. See below for testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.

No more disposal fees:

We operate multiple band saws that require cutting fluid for lubrication. We were disposing of the used cutting fluids once a month because the fluid became contaminated from metal shavings, dirt, oil, and grease. PFS installed a recirculating system with a pre-filter bag housing and finishing housings with 3-micorn filters. We went from monthly fluid disposal to annual disposals. The system paid for itself in two months. We also have PFS systems on all of our hydraulics, fuels, and compressors in the plant.

Fuel filtration service company:

I clean diesel tanks and filter diesel fuel for a living. I have used many different types of filters and filter media throughout the years and when I started to use the PFS filtration systems for my services; I experienced longer filter life, cleaner fuel, and quicker job completion. I was so impressed with the fuel systems I have become a PFS distributor and offer their complete line of products to my customers.

Filtering bulk storage oil and hydraulics:

Our heavy equipment supplier told us our bulk storage oil and hydraulic fluid was not clean enough. So we installed PFS recirculating systems to keep the oil and fluid clean. The fluids remain many times cleaner than new fluid and water free. We alos use PFS systems in many other applications.

Paper Mill:

We have been a PFS customer for over 20 years and we use their portable systems, stationary systems, vent filters, hydraulic filters, fuel filters, engine oil filters, and transmission filters, and gear oil filters in our Pulp and Paper facility. These systems have greatly reduced fluid purchases and extended the life of our equipment.

Military customer:

We use the PFS portable systems to filter diesel fuel . We like the systems because they are easy to use and they remove the water and the majority of the particles. The filters last a lot longer than we expected.

U.S. Navy

Concrete pumping trucks:

We operate a large fleet of concrete pumping trucks and we were looking for ways to reclaim the hydraulic fluid that we drain out of our pumps. The fluid usually has water in it. The PFS portable system removes the water and clean the fluid cleaner than new. We reclaim and reuse all of our hydraulic fluid now. The system paid for itself in 2 months.

Concrete block plant:

We use the PFS portables in our plants to clean the hydraulic fluid in our small reservoirs. These reservoirs typically run intermittently but become very dirty. We use the PFS permanent fixed systems on our large reservoirs that operate continuously.

Reclaiming Fluids:

We drain a lot of different types of fluids in our shop and we were looking for a system to use for many types of fluids and fuels. The PFS portable system is great for this. We can filter every type of fluid in our shop with the same system. All we do is change the filter element. We use the portables in seven of our shops throughout Florida.

Have not changed hydraulic fluid in years:

We operate large hydraulic equipment in our scrap recycling business and uptime is vital to our operation. We use a PFS recirculating filtration system to keep our hydraulic fluid ultra clean and water-free. We have not changed hydraulic fluid in four years and we have not had any major repairs.

Lube oil and fuel filtration:

We operate a large gold mine in South America and use PFS portables to filter gear oils and diesel fuel. We like the water absorption and particulate removal capabilities because you never know what quality of fuel and fluids you get.

Scrap industry bailer:

We use a PFS hydraulic recirculating filtration system on a large hydraulic reservoir that supplies a scrap bailer. The fluid is ultra clean and water-free.

Water and contamination problems gone:

We were looking for a filtration system that would help us extend the life of our gear oil s and reduce maintenance costs. D J Shubeck Company came to us with a possible solution. We installed a PFS recirculating system on one of our gear oil reservoirs that had water and particulate contamination issues. The system has eliminated the contamination issues and we have sense installed more systems on our gear oil reservoirs.

Scrap Recycling:

We provide mechanical services around the state of Florida for the scrap indsustry. We work on just about any piece of equipment or machinery in their facilities. We have seen the PFS systems on many balers and hydraulic applications through out the state and their customers have been pleased with the filtration systems so I now offer their systems to my clients for hydraulics. It is nice to see a product that really works.

Fuel Filtration Services:

We have used the PFS fuel filtration products for several years to filter the fuel for large bulk storage fuel tanks. We know the fuel is ultra clean and water free when the fuel is retuned back into our customers tanks.

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